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Administrative Professional Certificates

The free Administrative Professional Certificates is a Certificate of Appreciation you can utilize to show your outstanding Administrative Professional that you could not have made it without him/her.

Show them recognition for their tireless effort and attention to detail while making the office a fun place to work!

What is an Administrative Professional?

The phrase administrative professional can be a title or a general title associated with administrative support staff. These are the individuals who are the administrative support system of corporate American and globally.

You’ll find them in the workplaces using titles such as Administrative Assistant, Administrative Secretary, Executive Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Senior Administrative Assistant, and even Office Manager. These are just a few samples, their titles are specific to individual companies.

Administrative professionals perform work that includes writing business correspondence, developing and maintaining paper and electronic filing systems, managing individual projects, conducting research online and offline, creating and maintaining databases, scheduling for managers and executives, maintaining calendar systems for individuals and departments, ordering office supplies and maintaining inventories, leasing office equipment, working with vendors, answering and handling telephone calls, creating spreadsheets and reports, planning and coordinating small and large meetings and events, and much, much more depending on the individual companies.

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