Billing Statement

Free Billing Statement to download and print for your small business...

The free printable billing template below is for small businesses to use to send bills to their customers with all the detailed information they need to pay their bills.

Always, as a small business owner, make it very clear on the billing statement when the customer's bill is due and what will happen if past due.

Tips for Collecting Overdue Bills in a Tough Economy

In today's economy, collecting overdue bills can be a little tricky, but if you don't ensure the check is in the mail it could mean the difference between staying in business or going under. Here are tips on making sure you get the money you are owed:

  • Credit Policy - Have a credit policy in place. Don't just hand this policy to the customer, but take the time to discuss it with them as well. This will help reduce late payments.
  • Don't Ever Ignore Overdue Bills - A lot of small businesses have a fear of offending customers, even those who do not pay them. Remember, the longer a bill goes overdue the more likely they will not pay the bill. As soon as it goes through the 30 days plan action.
  • ReBill Promptly - Send another bill as soon as the first bill is due and stamp 2nd notice and make it impersonal and businesslike, simply a routine reminder.
  • Always Be Friendly - There will never be a reason that you have to get into an argument, even if the customer becomes hostile. Always listen to the what the customer has to say and be sympathetic. Backing the customer into a corner will rarely get you paid. Your goal should be to get put on top of the paying list not the bottom.
  • Take Them to Small Claims - If you feel you are getting stonewalled or feel as though you are getting strung along, take them to small claims. In most cases, they will pay you before they go to court.
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Billing Business Statement #1

Billing Business Statement #2

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