Drug Testing Policies

The Drug Testing Policies (2 Samples) along with Drug and Alcohol Testing Consent Forms are available free below to download, customize and print for your organization’s Human Resources Department.

In some of the small businesses or organizations around the world today, the work that is being conducted is high risk or dangerous enough to warrant the need of a test for drugs either at the specific time of hire and/or during employment. If your small business falls into the category of high risk or dangerous and you do test your employees for drugs or alcohol, you should absolutely have a well-written policy that explains how drug testing works and what employees can expect.

Some small businesses, however, don’t need to or choose not to drug or alcohol test employees. However, your organization may still want to have a statement to give to their employees that addresses your policy on drug use, coming to work under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs, and the misuse of prescription drugs in the workplace. Your organization can use Drug & Alcohol Test Policy #2 sample below as a guideline for your very own policy. This policy includes:

  • [Company Name] does not test employees for drug and alcohol abuse. Because the nature of [Company Name]’s business is neither high risk nor particularly safety sensitive, [Company Name] feels that drug and alcohol testing would be too intrusive a procedure for the expected results. Therefore, employees will not be asked to submit to drug and alcohol testing in the workplace setting. However, [Company Name] strictly prohibits the use of drugs or alcohol in the workplace and will take disciplinary action against any employee found using drugs or alcohol during working hours. In addition, if the employee arrives at work under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the employee will be sent home for the day, without pay. Repeated instances of arriving at work under the influence of drugs or alcohol may result in [describe consequence; e.g., “written warning”, “suspension”, “termination”].

The Drug & Alcohol Test Policy #1 sample is a great tool for small businesses or organizations to use as a guideline if they do drug tests on their employees. This policy includes:

  • Employees Subject to Testing
  • Safeguards
  • Selection
  • Tested Substances
  • Written Notice
  • Licensed Laboratories
  • Notice of Results
  • Positive Test Results
  • Adverse Employment Action
  • Confidentiality
  • Costs
  • Drug And Alcohol Use at Work Prohibited
  • Posting

Click here to access the Drug and/or Alcohol Testing Consent Forms.

Click on the link(s) to download the two sample policies for testing employees for drugs below:

Employee Drug Testing Consent

Drug Testing Consent Form TemplateDrug and Alcohol Testing Policy #1

Sample Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy #1Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy #2

Sample Drug and Alcohol Testing Policy #2[