Fathers Day Ideas & Games

Fathers Day Ideas & Games are available free to download and print for your holiday office party, home party or any other event!

The printable party games for Father’s Day can help make your next Fathers Day Office Party a lot more fun.

You can use these holiday party games at any time in your home or wherever your next Fathers Day party might be. Your dads and their children will have a lot of fun playing these games together and they will also create many awesome memories!

Fathers Day activities are sometimes hard to find to make your holiday more memorable. There is no better way to create priceless memories between dads and their children than to have games and other ideas that they can play together as a family.

Here are a few Fathers Day Games that you can download for your next Fathers Day party below:

Hand Print/Footprint I.D. Game

This is a fun game that you can play during your Father’s Day party. Have some copy paper available and give each child a piece and have them place their hand/foot print on the paper by tracing around them. Print their name on top of their paper with enough room to fold the top of the paper over the name where it cannot be seen, and then hang these on the wall with pieces of tape or push pins. During the Father’s Day party you will ask the father(s) to identify their child’s print. Then reveal to everyone by folding back the paper over the name whose print is whose. Give each father a prize that guesses his child’s print correctly.

Name That Tool Game

This is a fun game that each dad should thoroughly enjoy during your party. Have each dad, one by one, take a seat, and then blindfold him. Place a tool box at his feet and open it. One at a time, have the son or daughter pick out a tool from the box and, without naming the tool, describe it to dad. Dad must guess the tool according to the descriptions.

You can play this game with real tools or pictures of tools whichever you prefer. Every time a dad guesses correctly, he earns a point for his family. The family with the most points at the end wins the game!

Click on the link to download the free Fathers Day Party Games and Ideas for Fathers Day below:

Fathers Day Party Games

Fathers Day Party Games[