Thanksgiving Flyer Templates

Thanksgiving Flyer Templates free to download and print for your office along with some great Office Party Thanksgiving Recipes/Treats.

Thanksgiving Office Party?

If this is your reaction, you are not alone. A lot of office people wonder why would you have an office party before Thanksgiving when you are fixing to eat the same food such as turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie and much more on Thanksgiving Day. Because office parties are great for team building and employee morale, and you do not have to have the traditional Thanksgiving food at your private office party. You can have Mexican, Italian or even Barbeque at your Thanksgiving Office Party because you can, it is your choice.


Thanksgiving Party Ideas/Resources

A Thanksgiving Office Party gives employees from different departments the unique opportunity to meet and interact with other employees that they may never see otherwise and definitely the wonderful free food is a huge hit in any of these office party events so do it up big if possible.

Take advantage of the free beautiful Thanksgiving Invitation Templates above because it is definitely better to send your employees/coworkers a Thanksgiving Party Invitation instead of just a memo. The idea is to get them excited about the party not bore them with a memo!

Depending on the size of your small business, you may even be able to go around the table and have each employee say what he or she is thankful for in the current year. You may not like this idea, but isn’t this what we do at home on Thanksgiving Day, and isn’t this what Thanksgiving is all about? What a better way to boost your company morale than to create a friendly and family-type atmosphere at the work place.

It may surprise some people, but the main reason people quit their jobs is the work atmosphere, not the money. Yes, making money is great, but so is working in a positive atmosphere. This is why companies promote a positive company culture.

We have the Thanksgiving Party Flyers free below such as the Thanksgiving Office Party Flyer announcement with the dates of the party and who to contact if any questions, and we also have the Thanksgiving Office Closed Flyer with the date the office is closed and who to contact if any questions.

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Thanksgiving Office Party Flyer

Thanksgiving Office Party FlyerThanksgiving Office Closed Flyer

Thanksgiving Office Closed FlyerThanksgiving Recipes

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