Marketing Campaign Evaluation

Marketing Campaign Evaluation


[List the characteristics of your target audience. For example:
• Small-business owners
• Males 18 to 35 years old
• Parents of 3- to 8-year-old children]

[Describe how you contacted your potential customers.]

[Describe the value proposition that you offer. What message do you want to convey to your target audience? For example, “Our new toothbrush reduces plaque,” or “Our economy car gets 70 mpg,” or “We offer competitive pricing.”]

[List how the target audience responded to your marketing campaign. Did they make a phone call, make an inquiry for more information, or buy one of your products? Keep a count of the types of responses that you received.]
Response Count
Telephone inquiry
Web site hit
Inquiry for information (from phone call or Web site)


Repeat business

[List the costs involved in the marketing campaign. Break down the costs by marketing method, including brochures, mailings, newspaper ads, and any other methods used. Include the number of pieces for each campaign method.]
Marketing items Number of pieces Costs
Marketing brochures

[List the total number of responses, the types of responses, and the number of each type of response. Identify how many responses need follow-up. For example, did you experience an increase in hits on your company Web site, or did you receive more inquiries about your product or service?]
[Identify how the sales from new customers match up against your marketing costs.]
Customers added Sales Marketing costs

[Evaluate if your marketing message is the right message. If not, identify where it went wrong. For example, did your message target the wrong audience, or was it the wrong message to the right audience?]

[Describe the improvements that you can make to the product or service and to the campaign itself.]

[Analyze the cost of the campaign. Was the campaign too expensive? If so, what made it too expensive?]

[Describe your return on your investment.]

[Describe the return on investment for each new customer.]

Customers added Sales Costs Return on investment

[Review all of the steps. Describe what worked well. Identify any improvements that you can make. For example, do you want to create a better message, add a new target audience, or determine how or where to cut costs?]
What worked Improvement
We love kids.
Your child’s safety is our primary concern.
The brochure gets great response.
Find a printer who can deliver the same product for less.
Great response from our target audience. Older children are also responding well to our product.
Expand our target market to include parents of 3- to 9-year-old children.

Marketing Campaign Evaluation

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