Sample Probationary Period Policy

The Probationary Period Policy (P&P) is a sample available free to download, customize and print for your small business office, Human Resources Department.

This policy is required upon hiring a new employee or rehiring an old employee.

Other employees who are required to serve a probationary period are temporary employees appointed to a permanent job position and nonexempt employees who transfer into a temporary or permanent nonexempt job position.

The employees who have transferred from one permanent job position to another job position with no break in service does not serve a probationary period.

The Probationary Period P&P (Sample) below includes:

  • Company Name – The name of your company or business is at the very top of the page of the policy.
  • Policy Name – Below the company name at the very top of the page of the policy.
  • Policy Statement – The probationary period is intended to supply new employees the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to achieve a goal of a satisfactory level of performance. It also supplies them with the ability to determine whether the new position meets all of their expectations. [Company Name] will use this period to evaluate the employee’s capabilities, work ethics and overall job performance. The company or the employee can end the employment relationship at will at any time during or after the probationary period with or without cause or advance notice.   The first 90 calendar days after the employee’s hire date all new and rehired employees work on a probationary basis. If there are any significant employee absences, then the probationary period will be extended by the length of the absence. If the company determines the probationary period doesn’t allow ample time to evaluate the employee’s performance, the probationary period may be extended for a specified period.   The employee’s department manager will work closely with them on all aspects of their training understanding and responsibilities during this period. [Company Name] encourages all new or rehired employees to get to know their fellow coworkers and managers quickly as this tends to help them succeed with our company. We expect the employee to also become familiar with other relevant information about the company including the company’s rules and regulations.
  • Employee’s Signature & Date – The new or rehired employee will sign this policy after reading it and date it, and then it will be filed in that employee’s personal employment file in the Human Resources Department, etc.
  • Revised Date – Any time your company or business revises this policy then you will insert the date of the revision in this area of the policy. Always send a copy of the revised policy to each department to include in their company policy and procedure manual.

Click on the link to download the sample probationary policy below:

Sample Probationary Period Policy

Probationary Period[