Bill Organizer

The free printable Business Bill Organizer Template and Calendar are available below to help your small business organize bills or for your own personal use.

Are you ready to take control of your small business finances?

A printable monthly bill organizer and calendar below can help you lower your stress level tremendously by saving time and frustration and certainly help organize your small business bills or even use for your personal bills at home. It is more efficient than a hanging wall bill organizer and also serves as a great expense tracker so you know where your money is going.

The biggest mistake a business owner or any person can make is not keep track of his or her monthly expenditures. Bills and payments can quickly get out of hand.

Tracking your monthly bills can benefit your small business in many ways especially in detecting issues that could not otherwise be detected. Example: Noticing a spike in the water bill leading to an investigation and finding a water leak. Large spikes in any of your bills can indicate other issues that need to be addressed. This is just one example of the benefits of tracking your expenditures.

Also, how often do you forget about or lose an important bill? If you do, then you know that you end up wasting money on unexpected late fees, not to mention the anxiety that comes along with such disorganization. That is why it is so important to simplify your bills in a way that you cannot forget or lose them.

The moment you get your bill in the mail or email (print it) have a designated area where you put all your bills. While it is best to make a habit of writing them down on your Bill Organizer the moment you receive them, at least have a designated area until you can write them down on your template.

A Bill Organizer can also help you with your small business budget from year to year to plan for the next year, particularly where the paid utilities are concerned. You’ll be able to better budget for your monthly spending and foresee upcoming bills and expenses.

The monthly printable Bill Organizer below includes:

  • Company Name
  • Month and Year
  • Due Date
  • Payee (Organization’s name that sent you the bill.)
  • Amount Due ($)
  • Minimum Payment
  • Interest Due
  • Date Paid
  • Method of Payment (Check, Credit Card Visa, Money Order) Including Check Numbers, Credit Card Numbers, Etc.

Print one of these bill planner sheets every month to manage your small business bills by tracking when bills are due, how much those bills are with minimum payment, what bills you are paying, when you are paying them, if any interest is due, what date you paid them and what method of payment did you use.

The Business Bill Calendar below can be used to insert the bills into the date they are due. If you purchase the Small Business Forms CD you will have this calendar in MS Word where you can easily change the month and year, etc.

Click on the link(s) to download the Bill Organization Form below:

Business Bill Organizer Template

Business Bill Organizer Template