Fax Cover Sheets

The Business Fax Cover Sheets and the Fax Speed Dial Number form below are available free to download, customize and print.

Just simply fill in the blanks and use these fax sheets. You can convert the fax covers to Microsoft Office Word below and modify with your company logo, name, address, phone, etc.

Always use a cover sheet when you fax important documents from your small business. This leaves the person(s) you fax to a simple easy way of contacting you if needed. This will also give your recipient the courtesy of easily knowing who the fax is from.

Always include the name and number to your company on the fax cover sheet in the unexpected case of sending to the wrong number – the recipient will have a way to contact you to let you know your fax reached the wrong number.

Creating a cover sheet for business faxes is a very essential part of the faxing process. In addition to sending your fax with a professional air, it also ensures that the fax is received by the appropriate party.

When filling out your fax cover sheet remember to:

  • Print Clearly – It is imperative that when filling out the cover sheet that you ensure your handwriting is printed clearly and legibly. Also, it is very important to remember that signed signatures on faxed documents are considered legally valid and binding when it comes to contracts or any other legal agreements. So remember, your signature must be readable.
  • Use Correct Pen – When filling out your cover sheet, it is important to remember to use a black or blue pen. In the event that the faxed document is scanned or photocopied, the information will remain clear and legible for those who need to read it by using the black or blue pen. Ideally, red ink should not be used when faxing any document.
  • Areas Important on Cover Sheet to Fill In – One of the sections that are always required to fill in is the “Total Number of Pages”. It is imperative to include the cover sheet in this total number of pages. An accurate count is so important because the recipient will be informed if there is any fax pages missing.
  • Double Check All Information and Phone Numbers – Before you send your fax to the intended recipient, it is vitally important to check the phone numbers on the cover sheet and especially important to make sure you are dialing the correct number and that you do not send this confidential information to someone else by accident. In this event, there should information included on your cover sheet on what the recipient should do when they receive the fax that was meant for someone else. Double check all the information on the cover sheet to ensure that it is all correct and legible. Double checking your steps will simply allow you to avoid the possibility of making an embarrassing and unprofessional mistake.

The Fax Speed Dial Number form is normally filled in, printed and hung on the wall right next to the company fax machine. This form includes:

  • Company Name
  • Speed Dial Number
  • Name (Company, Person, Doctor…)
  • Fax Number

Click on the link(s) to download the fax cover sheets below:

Fax Cover #1

Fax Cover #1Fax Cover #2

Fax Cover #2Fax Cover #3

Fax Cover #3Fax Cover #4

Fax Cover #4Fax Speed Dial Number Form