Lease Agreement Form & Much More

Lease Agreement Form available free below along with many more Asset Protection forms such as Open-Ended Promissory Note Template, Open-Ended Security Agreement, Agreement to Form Business Entity.

No matter what type of business you have you need to always protect your business assets by accessing forms along with legal advice from your business lawyer.

Your assets are a very important part of your business so you need to take the steps necessary to protect them. We have seven forms below to help you get a start on protecting your assets.

Important: The small business forms, agreements, contracts, etc. that you have searched online and received free or the ones you paid for can never replace the advice of a lawyer. Each state has different circumstances and laws that apply to different types of businesses. We strongly recommend that you have your forms especially legal agreements or contracts, reviewed by a lawyer in your state for any questions or legalities.

The forms below are samples that you can use to download, customize and print for your small business.

Action By Voting Members/Managers

Every action by your small business should be authorized and documented. This form can be used to quickly authorize a business action and then filed for future purposes.

Assignment of Accounts Receivable with Recourse

This form can be used to quickly remove valuable receivables from the operating entity. Cash that was paid to the operating entity for the receivables is then quickly withdrawn as payments to the owner or the holding entity as salary, rents, loan payments, etc.

Equipment Lease Agreement Form

You can use this three-page equipment lease form to specify the conditions under which one person or organization can rent or lease equipment from another person or organization. The agreement explains the rights and obligations of both parties in regards to the equipment.

Open-Ended Promissory Note

This form should be used when the owner or their holding entity lends money or otherwise extends credit (e.g., unpaid salary), to the operating entity. It also can be used whenever the owner or their holding entity extends any type of credit to the operating entity in the future, if the extension of credit specifically incorporates the note.

Open-Ended Security Agreement

This sample agreement form is used to help protect the owner’s equity interest. This agreement is very broad and applies to all the existing and future extensions of credit.

Agreement to Form Business Entity

This agreement can be used when two or more individuals decide to form a business entity together. In some instances, parties may not follow through on their promises and in turn will fail to contribute anything towards the cost of forming the entity, or fail to contribute any capital to the entity. This is why an agreement is necessary.

Uniform Commercial Code 1 Financing Statement

This a sample financing statement form where the debtor and secured party sign and agree on financing real estate, etc.

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Customizable Lease Agreement

Lease Agreement TemplateAssignment of Accounts Receivable with Recourse

Assignment of Accounts Receivable with RecourseEquipment Lease Agreement

Equipment Lease AgreementOpen-Ended Promissory Note

Open-Ended Promissory Note AgreementOpen-Ended Security Agreement

Open-Ended Security AgreementAgreement to Form Business Entity

Sample Agreement to Form Business EntityUniform Commercial Code (UCC) 1 Financing Statement

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) 1 Financing StatementAction by Voting Members/Managers

Action by Voting Members/Managers