Shipping Form

The Business Shipping Form below is free along with the Packing Slip and Bill of Lading forms for your small business.

The form below is specific for shipping samples of product(s), but could be modified for other purposes.
This form for shipping samples includes:

  • Company Name with Address, Phone…
  • Supplier Name
  • Contact Name & Phone
  • Cost Center Number
  • Date Samples Sent
  • How Many Samples Sent
  • Samples Addressed To
  • Number of Shippers
  • Weight of CO2
  • Size & Weight of Shipper
  • Sample Description, ID Number, Quantity to Send

You can use this form to ship samples of products to different preferred companies for them to evaluate and determine whether they want to accept your product or not to possibly purchase the the whole products in the future for their company.

This form is great for tracking each different company who you have shipped your company product samples to plus the date the product samples were shipped to them, and exactly how many of each different product samples was shipped to each different company.

It’s of the very important to have the correct form available for shipping these samples from your company. The form can be converted below to where your company can modify to fit their needs. It is easier to have a form that has been already created and then all you have to do is a little modification, which takes very little time compared to creating the new form from scratch.

Small business forms are one of the most important and definitely the best investment in your company that you can make to help save you and your staff’s time and organize your company in many different ways. If you’re looking for ways to relieve stress in your company, I would advise you to create more forms to help organize your company, and search for any way you could make any area easier by just simply creating small business form(s).

You will also find the Packing Slip below to include when shipping your business products with specific details on your products, your company information and customer’s shipping information.

Do you have Bill of Lading Forms?

We have a variety of shipping and receiving templates available to help with your small business needs. We have the Bill of Lading, the Bill of Lading Delivery Request, and also the Bill of Lading Delivery Record.

Click Here for access to the Bill of Lading Forms.

Click on the link(s) to download the file(s) below:

Business Shipping Form (PDF) Packing Slip (PDF)