Equipment Forms

The equipment forms such as the Sample Equipment Inventory List Form and the Sample Equipment Lease Request (Company Property Receipt) form are available free for your small business administrative office or Human Resources Department.

Does your small business or company own any equipment such as a vehicle, bus, bulldozer, etc.?

If yes, then you might need one or both of the forms below to help keep track of your inventory on all your equipment and to also keep track of anyone uses these pieces of equipment from your company.

What would you do if you had a fire in your company or small business? If you didn’t have an Equipment Inventory List in a fire-proof box or somewhere else safe then you would have no proof of your inventory for insurance purposes. The same instance would happen if you had a theft of another type of catastrophe hit your small business or company and you will need to quickly and accurately determine what was lost in your company.

You will save your company and yourself an enormous amount of time and heartache by taking the time to fill out the Equipment Inventory List form below and documenting each of your equipment acquisitions. Accurate records of what you’ve purchased can also be extremely helpful when things are going well. This information regarding your equipment you purchased in the past can help you forecast your future equipment needs.

The Equipment Inventory List form includes:

  • Company Name (On top of the page of the form)
  • Equipment Inventory List (Form Name below company name)
  • Description of Item (Include Make and Model Number)
  • Serial Number
  • Date Acquired
  • Vendor or Lessor
  • Cost

The Equipment Lease Request (Company Property Receipt) form includes:

  • Receipt for Company Property (Form Name)
  • Employee Name
  • Employee ID Number
  • Employee Department/Section
  • Statement:
    I acknowledge receiving the company equipment listed. I shall maintain the equipment in good condition and shall return it when I stop working for the company, or earlier upon request. I will report any loss or damage immediately. I will use the property for work-related purposes only.
  • Received Item – Insert the name of the item (equipment) that you received.
  • Quantity – Insert the quantity of the item (equipment) that you received.
  • Number or ID – Insert the number or ID of the item (equipment) that you received.
  • Returned To (Initial) – Insert the initials of the person you returned the item (equipment) to.
  • Date Returned – Insert the date that you returned the item (equipment).
  • Employee Signature
  • Employee’s Department
  • Date – Insert the date you filled out the Receipt for Company Property form.

Click on the link(s) to download the sample equipment inventory form below:

Equipment Inventory List Form

Equipment Inventory List FormSample Equipment Lease Request Form

Sample Equipment Lease Request Form