CD Cover Templates

Get free Business CD Cover Templates below to download, customize, print.

The CD Insert Template to the right is one of several cd inserts below free to download, customize and print for your small business data backups. We have the Business Data Backup, Product Catalog and Technology cd case templates available to use.

Your small business can customize and design these cd inserts to attract their customers. The graphics you add to your cd inserts can have a massive effect on who buys it and what your customers think about it. Way before they use the cd they will probably see the color on the top shelf. It is very important to take lots of time and effort into making your cd look appealing and attractive to especially your selected market.

The insert for the front of the cd should be 4.75″x4.75″, and if you want to make a foldout simply add an extra 4.75″ of length onto the initial dimensions until you get the desired number of pages. The back insert is 5.906″ with 0.25″ on either side for each spine x 4.625″.

Data Backup: If you work on a computer then you need some sort of systematic backup for your small business. Accidents or disasters happen and can take many forms with it. There are natural disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, and then there are computer generated disasters such as hard drive crashes which can destroy your data and your business as well.

You can back up your small business forms or data by simply burning a CD or DVD with essential files. Backing up your data can also be done with a flash or jump drive. If you use the CD or DVD option then the Backup Data CD Cover below will be very useful. All you need is the cds or dvds and the plastic Jewel CD cases.

Important Note: Email files are not included as data and are not part of the process of backing up data files.

When you are ready to print these cd inserts place white stock paper or any color you prefer into your printer and print. Then you simply cut them out and place them in the Jewel CD cases to have them ready for the CDs or DVDs.

Click on the link(s) to download the printable cd cover(s) below:

Data Backup CD Insert

Data Backup CD InsertProduct Catalog CD Insert

Product Catalog CD InsertTechnology CD Insert

Technology CD Insert