Business Letters

We have lots of small business letter templates that are free to download, modify and print.

There are letter templates such as collection letters, business proposal letters, blank letter template and many more for your small business office.

The templates for small businesses below can be used when a business sends out letters to their customers or vendors regarding several different issues such as collecting past due payments, requesting collection reports, business proposals, etc.

The business proposal letters are the most underestimated of all business selling tools. These letters are the most important parts of the proposal process. Use these samples to help start your small business proposal letters.

The Business Collection Letters can be very important tools that can further assist your business in extending credit and securing payments.

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Miscellaneous Sample Business Letter Templates (Click the link(s) below to access the sample business letters.)

FYI: Always keep in mind that no matter where you find free business letters and/or forms (free or purchased) they should never replace the advice of a lawyer. We definitely advise you to have your company’s lawyer review the letter(s) or form(s) to check for state specific laws and/or any questions you might have regarding them.

The free letter templates for businesses below can provide samples and tips to help you write effective and professional business letters, etc., but will certainly not replace the professional advice of your company lawyer.

The Business Collection letter and other business letter templates can be accessed by simply clicking the link(s) below:Blank Business Letter Sample

Blank Business Letter SampleAccounting Error – Letter in Response

Accounting Error - Letter in ResponseResignation From Board Letter

Resignation From Board LetterResignation Letter (Sample)

Resignation Letter (Sample)Account Past Due

Account Past DueCancellation of Stop Payment Order Letter

Cancellation of Stop Payment Order LetterCollection Demand Letter

Collection Demand LetterCollection Report Letter

Collection Report Letter SampleFinal Notice Before Legal Action Letter

Final Notice Before Legal Action Letter SampleNotice of Auction of Collateral Letter

Notice of Auction of Collateral Letter SampleNotice of Dishonored Check Letter

Notice of Dishonored Check Letter SampleRequest for Payment Letter

Request for Payment Letter SampleRequest (2nd) for Payment Letter

Request (2nd) for Payment Letter SampleRequest for Report Letter

Request for Report Letter SampleRequest to Solicitor or Collection Agency Letter

Request to Solicitor or Collection Agency Letter SampleReturned Check Notice

Returned Check Notice SampleSettlement Offer on Disputed Amount Letter

Settlement Offer on Disputed Amount Letter SampleBusiness Proposal Letter

Business Proposal Letter Sample