Trailer Bill of Sale

What is a trailer bill of sale?

A trailer bill of sale is a written agreement transferring ownership of a trailer between buyer and seller. This signed document will be used to officially transfer the title when the sale is registered with their state’s DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles).

As is often the case when purchasing a trailer, another piece of personal property is being sold as well such as a boat, motorcycle, vehicle, etc.  Each separate item will need its own bill of sale such as a boat bill of sale, motorcycle bill of sale or vehicle bill of sale.

How to write a bill of sale for a trailer

A bill of sale for a trailer includes key pieces of information about the buyer and seller along details on the trailer. 

This information includes:

  • Name and address of both the seller and the buyer
  • Information about the trailer including the make, model, year and vehicle identification number (VIN) which is a 17 digit number often found somewhere along the frame.
  • Date of the sale
  • Sales price of the trailer
  • Signatures of the buyer and seller
  • Warranties (typically only for new trailer sales)
  • Notary (in some states)

It is important to note that some states require homemade trailers to have a VIN for it to be titled.  Many buyers will require the ability to title before purchasing.

In order to complete the sale, the seller needs to provide a title signed over to the buyer in addition to the trailer bill of sale.  The buyer will take these two documents to the DMV to register the trailer in their name and get a new title issued to them.  Times vary, but most states require a trailer to be registered within 30 days of purchase. 

Trailer Bill of Sale (Word)
Trailer Bill of Sale (PDF)