Compensation & Benefit Forms

Download your free Compensation & Benefit forms such as Compensable Work Chart, Initial Notification of Cobra Rights, Overtime Policy Guidance, Overtime Compensatory Request Form, Profit Sharing Plan, Simplified Employee Pension Plan.

Employee benefits can include a wide range of areas in your small business that includes many forms, policies and procedures

Make sure that your Human Resources have the forms, policies and procedures to successfully run your small business.

The Compensable Work Chart below is 2 page form with a list to help you determine which kinds of time you need to pay employees for and which kinds of times can be excluded from payroll.

The Initial Notification of Cobra Rights below is a 4 page sample letter where you have to fill in the blanks with your employee’s information, company information, etc. to help your employees understand their Cobra rights to continue their insurance coverage in the event they might no longer be a company employee.

The Overtime Policy Guidance below is a 6 page document that contains three parts relating to overtime pay.  The first two parts are alphabetical listings of the types of pay that are included (the first list below) and that are excluded (the second list below) from computing the regular rate.  The final part of this document is a series of tips for setting up your overtime policy.

The Profit Sharing Plan below is a 22 page sample document that explains the essential elements of a profit sharing plan.

The Simplified Employee Pension Plan below is a 10 page sample plan. This plan is usually one of the simplest and least expensive ways for a small employer to provide their employees with a retirement plan.

The Workers Comp Claims Checklists is a 4 page list that is very critical in handling workers’ comp claims. Every business owner should be prepared for the day when an employee may be injured in a work-related accident. No matter how safe and careful your workplace is, accidents do and will happen. This list includes:

  • Initial Response
  • Immediately
  • First Day
  • First Week
  • First Month
  • Ongoing
  • Collection Information
  • About the Employee
  • About the Injury
  • About the Claim
  • Oral Statement from Injured Worker
  • Written Statement from Injured Worker
  • Oral Statement from Witness(es)
  • Written Statement from Witness(es)
  • If Litigation Occurs

These HR office forms will help give you a head start in your Human Resources Department.

Click on the link(s) to download compensation & benefit forms below:


Sample Compensable Work Chart

Compensable Work ChartSample Initial Notification of Cobra Rights

Initial Notification of Cobra RightsSample Overtime Policy Guidance

Sample Overtime Policy GuidanceSample Profit Sharing Plan

Sample Profit Sharing PlanSample Simplified Employee Pension Plan 

Sample Simplified Employee Pension PlanSample Worker’s Compensation Claims Checklist

Sample Worker's Compensation Claims Checklist