Employee Termination Report

The free 16 page Employee Termination Report is available to download that includes 13 forms for your Human Resources Department.

The Termination Report for Employees is a very important tool for Human Resources when an employee has been laid off or fired.

Unfortunately, no matter how great of a manager you are there are some employees that just can’t be rehabilitated no matter how hard you try so you have to fire them. Then under unforeseen circumstances such as slow economic times you have to lay off employees.

We have the 16 page Termination Report below to help make this process go a little smoother that includes these forms:

  • Termination Report
  • Exit Interview Checklist
  • Notice to Employee: Change in Relationship
  • Employee Action Report
  • Exit Interview
  • COBRA Qualifying Notice
  • Acknowledgment of Receipt of Notification of COBRA Rights
  • Notice to Terminating Employees
  • Notice to Terminating Employees Questionnaire
  • Final Paycheck Worksheet
  • Final Paycheck Acknowledgement
  • Termination Agreement
  • Employer Property Return Agreement

What is the responsibility of the Human Resources Department during an Employee Termination?

The Human Resources Department in a company oversees most aspects of an organization’s employee relation responsibilities such as hiring, recruitment and termination. This department will always make sure that the employer has complied with the employment and labor laws in making a decision at any time to fire an employee. The HR Department is also there to ensure the worker’s rights are protected during the termination process. They are also responsible for having Termination Report forms available for this process. The Termination HR forms below are great tools for your organization’s HR Department.

The Human Resources Department during the employee termination should include:

  • Interpretation of Employment Laws – The HR Department interprets employment and labor laws to ensure the employer does not intentionally or unintentionally violates the employee’s or worker’s rights.
  • Reason for Termination – Along with the employee’s supervisor or manager, HR is responsible for explaining to the employee the reason(s) for the termination.
  • Last Paycheck – HR is the manager of payroll typically. In some cases depending on jurisdiction, employers must issue a terminated worker his final paycheck immediately, but some have through the following pay period to issue the final paycheck.
  • Continuation of Benefits – HR must inform the employee or worker of his rights to continue employer-sponsored health benefits if he did indeed participate in a plan, and this must be done during the termination process.

Click on the link to download the Employee HR Termination Report below:

Customizable Employee Termination Letter

Employee Termination Report (PDF)