Sample Release of Information Consent Form

Download our Free Sample Release of Information Consent form below for businesses.

Consent forms such as the one below to release employee’s information are a necessity for organizations in many ways. The employee would sign this form prior to their company releasing any of their personal information to verify employment with them.

All requests for employment verification must contain the employee’s or former employee’s signature to authorize the release of the information. As a courtesy for current employees, the Human Resources office really should notify the employee when employment verification information is requested by an organization even if the informed consent form is signed and information is released.

When the permission or employee’s signature is present on the form in his or her personnel file, normally your company will release this information about current and former employees:

  • The Employee’s Current or Last Job Title
  • Whether the Individual is Currently Working for Your Company
  • Dates of Employment at Your Company
  • The Current or Final Salary Paid to the Employee

The company might even release salary history, job title history, and whether the company would even rehire the employee depending on the circumstances of the request and input of the past or current employee.

All inquiries for employment verification from current or former employees, prospective employers of current or former employees, governmental agencies, or other organizations such as a lending or financial institution should be directed to Human Resources for an official response from your company. No other employee, under no circumstances, is authorized to provide a written or official employment verification response for the company.

Always refer to your organization’s policies and procedures regarding employment verification and releasing the employee’s information. Always read and make sure you are taking the correct steps in filling out the consent forms regarding employment verification.

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