Sample Employee Cell Phone Use Policy

Sample Employee Cell Phone Use Policy

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The purpose of this policy is to promote a safe and productive work environment at [Company Name] and also to help increase public safety. This policy applies to both incoming and outgoing cell phone calls.


This policy applies to all [Company Name] employees.

 Policy and Procedure:

  1. Cellular phones shall be turned off completely or set to the silent mode during any [Company Name] meetings, conferences or any other locations in which incoming cellular calls might disturb normal workflow.
  2. Employees can use personal cellular phones while at work on an intermittent basis. If the employee’s personal cell phone causes any disruptions or loss in productivity the employee might become subject to a disciplinary action per company policy.
    1. Employee’s manager/supervisor can reserve the right to request that the employee provide their cellular phone bills and usage reports for any calls made during regular working hours to determine if their employee has excessive use.
  3. Personal cellular phones shall be used for company business on an intermittent basis. Employees can be reimbursed for the incoming calls to their personal cellular phones. Employees cannot be reimbursed for outgoing calls made from their cellular phones unless they have prior approval or authorization from their immediate manager/supervisor.
    1. If an employee is operating a company vehicle and receives a call on a cellular phone, the employee can answer, but will ask the caller to hold and then put the cellular phone down and pull over to the side of the road into a parking lot or any other safe location to respond to the call. Important: Failure to follow this policy could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Sample Employee Cell Phone Use Policy

Sample Employee Cell Phone Use Policy (PDF)
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