Academic Certificates

These Academic Award Certificates below are available to download and print free of charge 24/7 such as the High School Diploma, Junior High School Diploma, Teacher of the Year & much more!

The Academic Certificates are very important to any graduate, teacher, volunteer or simply anyone who would be involved with making the school run smoothly. Every students goal in school is to obtain the piece of paper that clearly states his skills and qualifications in a particular field or discipline.

The Wikipedia definition of an academic certificate is a document that certifies that a person has received specific education or has passed a test or series of tests.

The student knows that many years and months of very hard work has been put in to be able to receive one of these academic awards. These awards are simply not just a piece of paper to them.

This simple but very important piece of paper recognizes the student’s hard work and quality of knowledge and skills that has been proven throughout these years and months by passing his studies one by one.

These Academic Certificates displays:

  • Certificate Title
  • Graduate’s Name, teacher, etc.
  • Study course completed successfully by graduate, etc.
  • Learning Institution Name and sometimes their logo
  • Date of Award
  • Awarding Authorized Signatures to validate the certificate
  • Official Seal

The statement used most often to proclaim the certificate’s purpose is “This award certificate is presented to [Award Recipient’s Name], and is normally presented in a special award ceremony after the recipient has proven to quality for the award having passed his conditions of study satisfactorily.

Higher education institutions are awarding more certificates to their continuing education students now than they did before. These certificates usually involve rigorous courses and can be affiliated with many associations.

Certificates are now gaining credential and ground in both the academic world and the working world.

Click on the link(s) to download the academic award certificates below:


Best Student of the School Certificate

Certificate of Diploma

Elementary School Diploma

High School Diploma

High School Diploma CertificateJunior High School Diploma

Junior High School Diploma CertificatePreschool Diploma

Preschool Diploma CertificateSpelling Bee Certificate

Spelling Bee CertificateStudent of the Month

Student of the Month CertificateTeacher of the Year

Teacher of the Year CertificateVolunteer Appreciation Certificate

Volunteer Appreciation CertificateSchool Janitor Certificate

School Janitor CertificateTeacher Multi-Purpose Checklist

Teacher Multi-Purpose ChecklistClass Emergency Phone List

Class Emergency Phone ListClass Contact List

Class Contact List