Human Resources Forms

Use these free Small Business HR Forms to help with managing employees.

These HR forms assist employers with employee performance, termination, time tracking and more.

The Employee Performance Review can be a motivational tool if used constructively. It can also be used as a warning in some cases for poor performance.

It’s an excellent tracking tool if used during a probationary period. Just be sure and keep the Employee Performance Review in the employee file or somewhere safe and easy to find. If employee has consistent poor performance you will have to have these reviews documented and filed before action can usually be taken to cover you and your company’s back.

Click here for Small Business Human Resources Performance Checklists.

To make sure you have effective employee performance management the criteria on the employee evaluation must be compiled according to the Job Description.

Click here for specific Small Business Job Descriptions.

The Employee 30-90 Day Retention Questions below are detailed questions for the supervisor to have a contact meeting with their employees 30 days and 90 days after hire. Questions such as “How do we compare with what we said in your interviewing process?”.

The Employee Interpersonal – Organizational Skills Assessment below is a detailed assessment of the employee’s performance in several areas such as communication, leadership, etc.

The Employee Self Evaluation below is be filled out by the employee to list objectives which were met or exceeded during the performance review period and those which were not met…It also addresses goals and objectives for next performance review period.

The Employee Performance Award below is great to have available to honor the outstanding performance of your employees. These type of awards can quickly raise employee morale and, in turn, will give them an incentive to work harder and to be more productive for your company.


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