Sample Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Questions

Download our Patient Satisfaction Survey Questions free to use in your medical office.

The Patient Satisfaction Survey below is a four page survey packed full of questions for patients who have had an outpatient medical test or treatment done at a hospital or an outpatient center.

A well-designed survey for each patient to complete after their visit can help you improve your practice tremendously. The key to a great survey is to keep it simple and act on what you learn from the surveys.

Some medical facilities feel that patient surveys are not a great idea. They sometimes feel that the data is not reliable or they don’t believe that results justifies the cost and they don’t like to be measured for their performance. These are all very real concerns, but they can be overcome.

The truth is, Patient Satisfaction Surveys can help you identify ways of improving your practice for happier patients and better health care. It also shows that your facility and staff are interested in quality and demonstrates that you are looking for ways to improve.

The Outpatient Satisfaction Survey below is a great tool for your medical office to use to create your very own survey for your medical office to distribute to your patients after their outpatient visit is completed. This survey includes questions such as:

  • How long was the length of time between the day you made your appointment and the day of your outpatient visit?
  • How easy was it to locate the outpatient center and how easy was it to find your way around the center once you got there?
  • How was the condition of the area where your treatment or tests was given including cleanliness, temperature and appearance?
  • How well was your pain managed throughout your outpatient visit?
  • Was the staff sensitive to your special problems or concerns?
  • How well did the staff (nurses, doctors, techs, etc.) explain your treatment or test and did they tell you what to expect during the test or treatment?

Click on the link to download the free sample Patient Satisfaction Survey below:

Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Questions

Sample Outpatient Satisfaction Survey Questions