Academic Report Cards

Check out our academic forms such as Academic Report Card (s), Progress Report(s), Parent/Teacher Conference Notice Questionnaire, Detention Sign-In Sheet and more!

Academic records are available here for your school office or your home schooling office to help save your time without having to take time to create these academic record templates.

These academic records will help organize you and your school office and keep your student’s progress updated as needed. Also, the parents of the students will be informed of all updates and progress of their children all throughout the school year.

There are 6 free academic forms below (2 reporting cards, 2 progress reports, Detention Sign-In Sheet and Parent – Teacher Conference Notice Questionnaire) to download and we will add more forms as time allows.

The cards to report the student’s progress are a very important part of the schooling process whether it be in a school or a home school. These cards includes:

  • Student’s Name
  • Month and Year of the Card
  • Class Name and Grade
  • Subject and Activity Name, Grade, Teacher or Instructor’s Name, and Comments
  • School Name on bottom of the card along with the Teacher or Instructor’s Name

The Mid-Term Progress Report below is to be used for that particular period of time at midterm to show exactly what kind of progress your students are making. The parents have to review this progress report, sign and date and then return back to the school for the teacher or instructor to file in student’s academic records. This report includes:

  • Student’s Name
  • Date
  • Midterm Grades, Subject and Comments
  • Parent or Guardian’s Signature and Date

The Weekly Progress Report is to be filled out by the teacher or instructor and distributed to the parents for them to sign, date and return back to the school. This progress report includes:

  • Student’s Name
  • Teacher’s Contact Number and What Times to Contact
  • Student’s Activities with Initials and Comments – “Completed All Classroom Assignments”, “Completed All Homework Assignments”, “Used Class Time Wisely”, “Understood the Concepts Covered”, “Contributed to Class Discussions and Activities”, “Behaved Appropriately”, “Respected the Rights of Other Students”, and “Respected Authority”.
  • Parent or Guardian’s Signature and Date

The Parent/Teacher Conference Questionnaire is a two page form with questions to reflect some of the most common areas of parental concern. The parent checks any of the questions they want to ask their child’s teacher. There is space to note additional thoughts or teacher responses beneath each question.

The Detention Sign-In Sheet is to have your students who have the unfortunate duty of detention to sign in for proof of attendance.

Click on the links below to download the free academic forms:

Detention Sign-In Sheet

Detention sign-in sheetParent/Teacher Conference Questionnaire

Parent/Teacher Conference ChecklistHome School Report Card

Home Schooling Report CardStudent Report Card

Student Report CardMid-Term Progress Report

Midterm Progress ReportWeekly Progress Report

Weekly Progress Report