Meeting Agenda & Minutes

The printable meeting agenda and minutes below are free below to help with your next small business meeting. We also have the Action by Voting Members and Managers form below to download.

The meeting agenda is an important road map for the meeting. It will make sure that your participants don’t get off track and they will know where they are headed. The meeting agenda gives a sense of purpose and direction to the meeting which is very important in any small business.


All business meeting agendas should include:

  • Meeting start time and end time
  • Meeting location
  • Topic headings
  • Include some topic detail for each heading
  • Indicate the time each topic is expected to last
  • Indicate which meeting participants are expected to be the main topic participants

An agenda should be developed around the key purpose of the business meeting. For example, if it is a weekly office meeting then there many to-dos, announcements, and weekly business topics will be addressed in the agenda. However, Project meetings need to have more of a structured meeting with a set times for each agenda item, who will present them, and key points for discussion.

The Informal Meeting Agenda is used for when you have a non-arranged meeting, of which only the people meeting know about.

The Business Meeting Agenda Minutes has to be concise and coherent. Don’t be intimidated by the prospect of taking minutes. The very process of recording minutes can give a deeper understanding of the issues faced by your organization along with the ability to focus on what’s important.

Many of the people who take minutes are conversant in shorthand so they can keep up with the speed of which people talk, so words are abbreviated. Some small businesses also rely heavily on acronyms and jargon, but these terms could be traps in your meeting minutes. Someone less familiar with your “company speak” could definitely feel lost when trying to follow along with the minutes, and some words might even be misinterpreted completely. Make sure your meeting minutes are effective by spelling out the words, changing the acronyms, jargon, and other terms to their full meaning in the meeting minutes text or include a definition next to the term or next to the end of the minutes.

Click on the link(s) to download the free meeting agenda and minutes below:

Action by Voting Members & Managers Form

Sample Action By Voting Members and Managers FormBusiness Meeting Agenda

Sample Business Meeting AgendaBusiness Informal Meeting Agenda

Sample Business Informal Meeting AgendaBusiness Meeting Agenda Minutes

Sample Business Meeting Agenda Minutes