Distributor Agreement

Get a Sample Distributor Agreement and Distributor Checklist available free to download for your business.

The Distributorship Agreement (Delaware Sample) below is free to download, customize and print to start your distribution agreement in your small business.

The agreement for distributorship is a sample and you will need to have an agreement specific to your state in the United States and have your lawyer over your small business look it over before any legal signatures are acquired.

This agreement or document for distributorship is a contract between a company wanting to have its products distributed and a Distributor. The active role of the Distributor is to develop the largest possible market for the product through distribution, sales and rigorous marketing activities.

A Distribution Agreement is stated to be exclusive when the company agrees to have their products distributed in a specific territory, only by the distributor in question, or if the company only deals with this particular Distributor throughout all of the territories. A Nonexclusive Distribution Agreement states that a company may deal with several distributors to supply its products within the same territory.

The Distributorship Agreement Checklist below includes draft questions that with answers will assist you in drafting a Distributorship Agreement. This checklist includes information related to:

  • General Information
  • Product Information
  • Distribution Rights
  • Volume
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Training and Support
  • Price
  • Term and Termination
  • Warranty
  • Contact Information

Important: The small business forms, agreements, contracts, etc. that you have searched online and received free or the ones you paid for can never replace the advice of a lawyer. Each state has different circumstances and laws that apply to different types of businesses. We strongly recommend that you have your forms especially legal agreements or contracts, reviewed by a lawyer in your state for any questions or legalities.

I have included some brief information regarding each form that I hope you will find helpful. Please keep in mind when your searching online for legal forms (free or not) – they should never replace the advice of a lawyer.

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Sample Distributorship Agreement

Sample Distributorship AgreementDistributorship Agreement Checklist

Distributorship Agreement Checklist