Sales Forms

Get your Free Small Business Sales Forms for your business such as Sales Order Forms, General Bill of Sale, Business Sale Flyers, Receipt of Goods and more.

The sales forms below for small businesses will be helpful to track sales, calculate sales, etc. along with a General Bill of Sale and Sales Rep Agreement.

The basic Sales Order form is utilized to obtain information necessary to fulfill a customer order.

A written Bill of Sale is to the benefit of both buyer and seller when transferring the ownership of goods of any kind.

The most important aspect for the buyers are the warranties made by the seller. The seller must warrant that he/she is the legal owner of the goods and that it is free of all encumbrances.

It’s important to the seller to have the buyer acknowledge that the goods are bought “As-Is” with no further guarantee or warranty from the seller.

Describe the goods being sold in detail with these business sales forms. List the make, model and serial number if applicable and any other relative details. You might also want to include items not included in the sale (computer without software).

Buyer, seller and any witnesses must initial every page and any alterations and must sign in full at the end of the form, and each one should have a copy of the form(s).

You can find more free sales forms below:

FYI: Never replace the advice of a lawyer with a free small business form or even a purchased small business form. We strongly recommend that you have all your business forms, especially legal contracts or agreements, reviewed by a lawyer in your state in any questions or legalities. Each state has different laws and circumstances that apply to a variety of different businesses.

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Sales Agreement

Sales AgreementSales Order Form #1

Sales Order Form #1Sales Order Form #2

Sample Sales Order Form #2General Bill of Sale

Sample General Bill of Sale