Printable Cash Receipts

There are free printable receipts and more below, including Cash Receipts, Donation receipts, Non-Cash Donation Statement/Receipt, Quid Pro Quo Donation Gift Receipt, Landlord Rent Receipts, Petty Cash Reconciliation, Rent Receipt Template, Cash Disbursement Journal.

What is a cash receipt?

The cash receipt is a simple document of transaction that is often issued at the time of the completion of a sale. Many businesses issue a cash receipt as a matter of course, and some can be very detailed. Some refer to it also as a payment receipt or sales receipt.

The professional printable receipt will print out three per page in a printable receipt template and are horizontally formatted just like the traditional receipt pads.

In general, the cash receipt template serves two purposes:

  • 1. The document serves as a permanent record for the vendor. It allows for the orderly posting of sales on a daily basis, as well as providing a document that can be used in adjusting current inventory levels.
  • 2. The cash receipt provides the customer with a permanent record of the transaction or payment that can be employed to keep the financial records/data of the client up to date.

What is a petty cash receipt?

The petty cash receipt is an invoice or receipt for items or services bought out of petty cash. Petty cash is typically a miscellaneous small fund usually kept on hand to be used for unknown minor items. This is particularly helpful for small incidentals, i.e. stamps.

The Petty Cash Request form is used to request petty cash for business purposes.

The Petty Cash Reconciliation form is used to track the petty cash for your business.

Cash Disbursements Journal & More Cash Receipts

Just click the links to get the pages to download the receipts, etc.

  • The Cash Disbursements Journal is a book available below to record all your business cash payments.
  • The Sales Receipts are important to sell your products in your small business to give to your customers after each purchase.
  • The Donation Receipts are for the organizations who so generously give to your small business and need a donation receipt for tax purposes.
  • The Non-Cash Donation Statement (Receipt) are for the organizations that have non-cash donations, such as a donor donating a computer.
  • The Quid Pro Quo Donation Gift Receipt (Sample) are for the organizations or businesses that have special events where they charge for a meal, etc. and the donor gives extra past the value of the meal, etc.
  • The Rent Receipts are for landlords or tenants needing a receipt for rent payments.

Click on the link(s) to download the printable cash receipt(s) in Word and PDF below:

Printable Cash Receipt Template #1

Cash Receipt #1Printable Cash Receipt Template #2

Cash Receipt #2Cash Receipt Template #3

Cash Receipt #3Payment Receipt Template

Sample Payment ReceiptPetty Cash Receipt Template

Sample Petty Cash ReceiptPetty Cash Request Template

Petty Cash RequestPetty Cash Reconciliation Template

Petty Cash Reconciliation