Business Fundraising Forms

Business Fundraising Forms are available below free such as the Walk-A-Thon Pledge Agreement Form, Academic Fundraiser Application, Academic Fundraiser Parent Permission Slip, Lunch in the Office Fundraiser Forms, Silent Auction Bid Sheet.

Fundraising template forms are great tools to help organize your next fundraiser for your organization or small business. With the right fundraiser template, you can effectively raise monies for your business or cause.

The free fundraising forms below are for academic fundraiser activities, but can be easily customized and used for any business fundraiser.

Instant Event Fundraising System

The positive outcomes of having Business Fundraisers are overwhelming, but first you must educate and equip your volunteers on Fundraising Tips and Techniques.

The Academic Fundraiser Application will need to be filled out prior to any employee conducting a fundraiser activity within the organization. The fundraiser application will have to be turned in after completing for proper authorized signatures prior to the fundraiser.

The Academic Fundraiser Parent Permission Slip will need to be filled out and signed by each parent prior to any fundraising activity in order for any of the school children to participate.

The Academic Fundraising Report is a great tool that would need to be filled out after each fundraising activity by the person in charge of the fundraising activity and submitted to the Business Manager that would need to be attached to the Annual Financial Report. This report includes:

  • Name of Organization
  • Fundraising Activity
  • Date Submitted to Business Manager
  • Total Income from Goods Sold
  • Cost of Items Sold and Other Expenses (List)
  • Total Cost of Goods Sold and Other Expenses
  • Net Profit (Loss) from Fundraiser
  • Submitted By
  • Signature

The Fundraising Activity Annual Financial Report will be a work in progress during the year. Every time you fill out a Fundraising Report you will insert the information into this report also until the end of the year where you will submit the completed Fundraising Activity Annual Financial Report to the appropriate business manager for review. This fundraiser report is also available in MS Excel format by clicking the link above.

Free Fundraising Flyers

The Silent Auction Bid Sheet (below) is a great tool for an awesome fundraiser for your small business. Simply have employees create and donate a basket full of goodies, create some artwork or even make a quilt and then have a silent auction and the highest bidder wins the goods.

Free Office Fundraiser Forms

The Lunch in the Office Fundraiser (above) is an awesome company fundraiser that will raise good money and your employees will enjoy the lunch party in the office at the same time!

Click on the link(s) to download the Free Fundraising Forms below:

Academic Fundraiser Application

Academic Fundraiser ApplicationAcademic Fundraiser Parent Permission Slip

Academic Fundraiser Parent Permission SlipAcademic Fundraising Report

Academic Fundraising ReportFundraising Activity Annual Financial Report

Fundraising Activity Annual Financial ReportSilent Auction Bid Sheet

Silent Auction Bid SheetWalk-A-Thon Pledge Agreement

Walk-A-Thon Pledge Agreement