Business Thank You Letters

Check out our free business templates for thank you letters that can be downloaded, customized, and printed.

Why send business thank you letters?

Sending business thank you letters has several benefits – it helps recipients feel appreciated, creates a positive impression of the sender, and cultivates a culture of service. Simply put, showing gratitude to your customers creates appreciation for you and/or your company while also creating an opportunity to positively impact your client’s impression of you.

Regardless of your audience, treat each thank-you note or letter as if it is important. Whether you are showing appreciation to a new client, thanking your employees for their dedication, sending a note to a former employer thanking him/her for what you learned under their guidance, recognizing established customers; be sure you are aware that doing so helps to create a culture of appreciation that impacts your company at all levels. The saying, “the attitude is gratitude” definitely applies here. Be sure to also look for opportunities to thank colleagues and professional acquaintances. Making a good impression each time you interact with your customers not only makes you look more professional, but also ends up positively impacting your bottom line. You want to be sure to show appreciation for others and their hard work so they are more likely to do the same for you. Showing gratitude is just one way to do so and is always a good idea, even if that’s through a business thank you letter or through thank-you cards.

How to write a business thank you letter

When writing a thank you letter, be sure to include the basic writing fundamentals of who, what and why to make your  letter more effective. Begin by introducing the reason behind the “thank you”. Next detail how the reason positively impacted you or your company. Then, reiterate how you appreciate the recipient. Finally, conclude with a note to looking forward to working together in the future. Although you may be friends with your recipient, always strike the correct tone of voice while writing your thank you letter. Take time to ensure you are meeting basic business etiquette guidelines, where you are polite and gracious. Showing gratitude is an art form that gets easier with practice. People very much appreciate being appreciated.

Your can use these business thank you letter templates below as a guide to creating thank you letters of your own. Whether you use the templates and customize them for your business or use them as a guide to a handwritten note, they are a good start for showing appreciation. In today’s world, receiving a thank you letter or handwritten card through snail mail can also be more impactful because of the rarity of doing so.

As a small business, you want to be impactful in all you do. Thanking those who make your business successful is just smart business sense.

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