Internet Acceptable Use Policies

Company Internet Acceptable Use Policies are available for free to use as a sample for to create your own company policies and procedures for employee internet use.

We have two different policies and procedures on company internet usage that your company can determine what is acceptable usage and what is not for their employees.

A company internet usage policy provides employees with rules and guidelines regarding the appropriate use of company equipment, network and internet access. Having a policy such as this in place for all employees to read helps protect both your business and your employees. The employees will be aware that browsing certain websites or downloading certain files are not allowed and that the policy must be adhered to or there will be serious repercussions. This will lead to fewer security risks for your company as a result of employee negligence.

The Internet Usage Policy is an important document that must be read and signed by each of your employees upon starting work or training. The policies below can be tailored to the requirements of your specific organization.

Internet Usage Policy #1 (below) Guidelines

[Company Name] provides certain employees access to the vast information resources of the internet with the intention of increasing productivity and enhancing company-related communication. While this access has the potential for employees to do their jobs faster or smarter, there is justifiable concern that is can also be misused. Such misuse can waste time, potentially violate laws, ordinances or other [Company Name] policies, garner negative publicity for the company and potentially expose it to significant legal liabilities. This Internet Usage Policy, which applies to all employees, is designed to facilitate understanding of the expectations for the use of these resources.

The underlying philosophy of this policy is that internet access from [Company Name] is primarily for company-related purposes including communicating with company employees, researching relevant topics and obtaining useful business information. In addition, all existing laws and [Company Name] policies apply to an employee’s conduct on the internet, especially those that deal with intellectual property protection, privacy, misuse of [Company Name] resources, sexual harassment, information and data security, and confidentiality.

The best way to determine if use of the internet is appropriate is to ask, “If I were doing this same activity in some other way (e.g., telephone, library, in person, by hand) would this activity be appropriate?” The two key tenants to this usage policy are:

  1. Do not anything with [Company Name] internet access resources that would otherwise be considered illegal, grossly inappropriate, or offensive to the established value system expressed by [Company Name] as an organization. Viewing or downloading erotica, playing games, sending non-[Company Name] related mass mailings, and running a private business are obvious examples.
  2. Do not waste [Company Name] time. There are plenty of fascinating site to explore, but [Company Name] time should be spent conducting [Company Name] business. Employees may use their internet facilities for non-business research or browsing during lunch and outside of work hours, provided that all other usage policies are adhered to.

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Company Internet Use Policy

Company Internet Use Policy #2Company Internet Use Policy #2

Company Internet Acceptable Use Policy #1