Alabama Boat Bill of Sale

When purchasing a boat, it is critical for the buyer to get a boat bill of sale. In Alabama, the bill of sale is used to transfer the ownership from the seller to the buyer. The buyer has 20 days from the date of sale, or will face penalties.

Learn how to word a bill of sale for a boat in Alabama below!

Steps to Fill out an Alabama Boat Bill of Sale

  1. Download the free template
  2. Enter the sales price of the boat
  3. Enter the purchaser’s name and address
  4. Enter the seller’s name and address
  5. Enter the description of the boat. Typical information includes make, year, hull ID number, motor model, horsepower and serial number. It’s important to note that boats in Alabama built after 1972 are required to be registered with a 12 digit hull number. Also, any motor must be registered with a serial number and horsepower.
  6. If a trailer is included in the sale, enter information about it including the make, model, year and serial number.
  7. The buyer and seller must both sign the bill of sale either in front of a non-related witness or a notary public. Not doing so will invalidate the document.

Alabama Boat Bill of Sale (PDF) Alabama Boat Bill of Sale (Word)

Alabama Boat Bill of Sale Template