Business Cash Disbursements Journal

Business Cash Disbursements Journal

Our Business Cash Disbursements Journal is free to download and print 24/7.

This journal for cash disbursements is used to record all business payments made in cash in your small business such as for:

  • Accounts Payable
  • Merchandise Purchases
  • Operating Expenses

There are columns for the:

  • Cash Paid Out Number
  • Date
  • Description
  • Columns for Each Expense Category

This journal essentially functions as a checkbook ledger, for all practical purposes.

The official definition for the Cash Disbursement Journal is a record kept by accountants to record all financial expenditures made by a company. These journals serve a number of functions, such as a source for recording tax write-offs and the categorization of other expenses.

Also, Cash Disbursement Journals may record varying types of expenses by assigning each type of expense a code, or by recording the various expenses in different columns. These journals are used to create yearly balance sheets and other financial statements.

If your company is anything like a typical small business, you possibly deal with a variety of different types of cash transactions. It is tempting to lump all these transactions together into one record, but it is almost categorically a bad idea. You will want to split up your cash transactions into a number of different places.

Keeping track of your cash, payables, and records can be an organizational nightmare. Your daily cash disbursements should be recorded in your Cash Disbursement Journal at all times.

We strongly recommend keeping this journal for cash disbursements on your computer along with your other financial journals even if you have the hard copy filed safely in the file cabinet. It is always a good practice to have backups for these important financial journals for your small business.

Click on the link to download the business cash disbursement journal below:

 Business Cash Disbursement Journal

Business Cash Disbursements Journal[