Employee Cell Phone Policy Template

Cell Phone Policy at Work

These cell phone policies are available free to download, customize and print for your business. You can use them as a guide to create a policy for your own company policies and procedures.

There are two sample policies below on employee’s cell phone use during business work hours.

If you have employees in your small business then your human resources department should have a personal cell phone policy in place. If you do not have a policy such as this in place then use one of the samples below as a guide to create your own.

Mobile phones and many other electronic innovations have given employers increased access to their employees, in turn making them more available and connected to their jobs. Technology has improved customer service and has also increased employee efficiencies and the business world understands this completely.

Employees often are tempted to make personal calls and this wastes company time and money. There are also laws depending on which state your business is located in governing the use of cell phones on the road and employers then find themselves responsible for their employees’ actions while driving. This is why establishing a cell phone usage policy is so important to your small business both to ensure employee performance and also to help shield your business from lawsuits and other liabilities.

Sample Employee Cell Phone Use Policy

The Employee Cell Phone Use Policy (Sample) below includes:

  • Purpose – The purpose of this mobile phone policy is to promote a safe and productive work environment at [Company Name] and also to help increase public safety. This policy applies to both incoming and outgoing cell phone calls.
  • Scope – This policy applies to all [Company Name] employees.
  • Policy and Procedure –Cellular phones shall be turned off completely or set to the silent mode during any [Company Name] meetings, conferences or any other locations in which incoming cellular calls might disturb normal workflow…
  • Employee’s Signature and Date

The Employee Cell Phone Access and Usage Policy (Sample) below includes:

  • Statement – Mobile phones are used by [Company Name] employees for internal and external communication. For the purposes of this company policy, cell phones are understood to include any device that receives or makes phone calls, sends text messages, leaves phone messages, surfs the internet or downloads and allows for the reading and responding of emails, whether the device is company supplied or personally owned.
  • Scope – This policy applies to all [Company Name] employees and team members.
  • Procedure – Access to Company Supplied Cellular Phones a.    Cell phone services are always provided to all employees that require them based on their need and job function or to increase company efficiency and provide safety and/or security. This includes managers and safety advisers also…

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Company Cell Phone Policy

Company Cell Phone Policy Template

Sample Employee Cell Phone Use Policy

Sample Employee Cell Phone Use PolicySample Employee Cell Phone Access and Usage Policy

Sample Employee Cell Phone Access and Usage Policy[