Christmas Gift Certificate Templates

Download these free Christmas Gift Certificate Templates below to give to your employees.

The Christmas Printable Gift Certificates below are one of many great office gift ideas for your employees in your small business.

The holiday certificate templates below are easy to download, customize to fit your small business and print on any regular copy paper or you can print them on white or light colored stock paper to have a better quality gift certificate.

A Christmas Cash Certificate, of course, would probably be more popular than a gift certificate to a specific business, but both would be a hit with any employee from any organization. These kind of Christmas gifts eliminates the guessing game on what you gift you should choose and the entire time wondering if they will ever use your gift. In this case, they will more than likely use cash or even a cash amount to a certain local business.

These blank gift certificates for Christmas includes:

  • “Merry Christmas from [Small Business or Organization’s Name]
  • Gift Certificate – “This certificate entitles [Employee or Recipient’s Name] to [Christmas Gift Details]
  • Authorized by [Person Filling Out Gift Certificate]
  • Expires [Certificate Expiration Date]
  • Number [Certificate Number if Applicable]
  • Organization [Small Business or Organization’s Name]
  • Address [Small Business or Organization’s Address]
  • Phone [Small Business or Organization’s Phone Number]
  • “Not redeemable for cash. Redemption value not to exceed [Total Amount not to Exceed]

So show your employees in your small business just how much you appreciate them and their hard work this Christmas holiday. Whether it is one of these gift certificates or something that you want to purchase for them just make sure that when it is all said and done they really feel appreciated for all the hard work that they have contributed to your organization or small business.

Click on the link to download the free gift certificate templates below:

Christmas Certificate Templates #1

Christmas Gift Certificate #1Christmas Certificate Templates #2

Christmas Gift Certificate #2Christmas Certificate Templates #3

Christmas Gift Certificate #3[