Computer Operator Certificate

The Computer Operator Certificate is free to download and print 24/7…

This certificate is specifically for employees who have successfully completed the “Computer Operator course”.

This award will help recognize the employee’s commitment to achieve professional excellence in these courses:

  • Fundamentals
  • Introduction to Windows
  • Internet
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint

This Certificate of Excellence states “In recognition of the commitment to achieve Professional excellence, this that [Recipient’s Name] Has successfully completed the course of Certificated Computer Operator Conducted from [Course Beginning Date] to [Course Ending Date], At My Company, His/Her Performance was Grade [Computer Course Grade], Given Under the Seal of University, [Head of Department’s Signature] and [Teacher’s Signature], and Course Contents – Fundamentals, Introduction to Windows, Internet, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

Certificates, such as the certificate below, are a way to acknowledge and honor the employee, student, etc. for the hard work and successful completion of a course of study such as Computer Operator, etc. The recipient will be able to use the certificate not only as a memento but include it in his/her resumes, educational files, etc.

You can make the recipient feel extra special by printing the certificate on the right kind of paper. Ideally, you want to choose thick, high quality paper or card stock that you can purchase from your local office supply store or craft store. If you want something classy and elegant, I would recommend a nice neutral shade of color for the certificate such as a light cream or off white color. For younger kids you could print the certificates on brighter colors such as sunny yellow, baby blue or light green. If the certificate has graphics, make sure these colors do not clash with the graphics on the certificate. If you are in doubt, I would recommend the white or cream to be on the safe side.

Click on the link to download the computer operator certificate below:


Certificate for Computer Operator

Certificate for Computer Operator (PDF) Certificate for Computer Operator (DOC)