Printable Donation Receipts

The Printable Donation Receipts below are available for charitable donors.

The printable receipts for donations are available to give to organizations who donate to your small business. There are two receipts per page and they include spaces for:

  • Donor’s Name
  • Donor’s Address
  • Donor’s Phone
  • Donation Type
  • Donation Description
  • Donation Value

The organizations or donors who are so generously giving your company a donation will appreciate the receipt due to they are tax deductible. This provides organizations a way to help you and give themselves a tax break at the same time.

As mentioned above, most of these organizations or donors itemize deductions on their federal tax return, and they usually are entitled to claim a charitable deduction for their donations. According to the IRS, the organization or donor has to have a receipt from recipient for the donation with authorized signature, date, and description of donation.

Businesses should always keep all records or documents regarding donations to charity. Taxpayers are required, with no exceptions, to have receipts from the charity, a canceled check, or credit card statement to prove their donation. No tax deduction will be allowed if the taxpayer cannot provide any supporting documentation.

The taxpayer does not have to mail the receipts with their tax return, but they do need to keep their receipts and/or supporting documents with their copy of the tax return in the unexpected event of an audit.

For donations of property, you must keep records to establish what you donated, its condition, its fair market value, and the amount of your tax deduction. Your records must include:

  • Charity Name and Address
  • Date and Location of the Contribution
  • Description of Property Donated
  • Fair Market Value of the Property, How you Figured the Value, and
  • Amount Claimed as a Tax Deduction

Click on the link(s) to download the file(s) below:

Donor’s Receipt #1

Donor's Receipt #1Donor’s Receipt #2

Donor's Receipt #2