Easter Party Invitations

Easter Party Invitations available free to download and print along with free printable Easter Note Paper!

The Easter Party Invitations are easy to download and print or convert them with the link below and customize them for your small business office or personal use at home.

We also have printable Easter Note Paper available free to download and print that you can also customize if you would like for this Easter holiday!

Easter Office Party Tips

Whether you plan to host a big bash or a small gathering of employees it is always good to plan first with some of these tips:

  • Be Generous – There is most always a company budget on office parties so we know we have to stick to it, but be as generous as the budget will allow. Your employees work hard and they want a show of appreciation for their hard work. They will be monitoring your generosity as a barometer of their performance.
  • Go Some Place Different – If the budget will allow, bring your employees to a restaurant nearby and give them a special treat. Your employees are in the office all the time and it doesn’t take too much time to drive 5 minutes down the road if possible to be able to go some place different.
  • Decorate – If you are having your Easter Office Party in the office or somewhere in the building be sure to decorate. Check out different office party ideas online to help inspire you. Create an Easter Party theme with bunnies, eggs and other Easter decorations.
  • Include Door Prizes or Party Favors – One way to make a party special is for participants to be able to bring something home with them such as a door prize or party favor. These door prizes can be whatever your company budget will allot for. If you do the right shopping in the right place you can find some good deals on door prizes or party favors. It is a good way to walk away with a remembrance of a great party and a great time!

Finally, just be sure you have fun! If you’re a manager mingle with your employees because they will appreciate it and you will enjoy it also.

Click on the link(s) to download the free printable Easter party invitations and note paper below:

Office Party Invitations for Easter #1

Office Party Invitations for Easter #1Office Party Invitations for Easter #2

Office Party Invitations for Easter#2Easter Note Paper