Sample Maintenance of Employee Records Policy

The sample Maintenance of Employee Records Policy is available free to download, customize and print. You can use it as a guide to create a policy for your own company policies and procedures.

The sample policy below on the maintenance of the records of employees is a great tool for your small business to have in place so every employee responsible for these records will have no doubt what is supposed to go in them and what is not supposed to go in them.

If you have employees in your small business then you should have a similar policy in place. If you do not have a policy such as this in place then use the sample below as a guide to create one for your own organization.

The sample policy below for the maintenance of the records of employees includes the following:

  • The following sample company policy is a sample for maintenance of records for employees. If you want your policy to differ in other ways from the policy set out below, you should change this policy to reflect those differences and regulations in your state. It is also a good idea to have your company attorney look over your policies.
  • Employee records are maintained for several important reasons: 1. To ensure that legal, regulatory, and procedural requirements have been met, 2. To provide a basis for making personnel decisions (e.g. benefits, salary, termination), 3. To assist with human resources management, 4. To collect information for statistical human resources reports for the board of directors and/or the government.
  • Employee files shall include the following: Employee information sheet, Home address and telephone number,        Emergency contact, Hiring and termination dates, Birth date, Benefit status and information, Job description, Application form and/or resume,Employee tests completed and results,    Reference check documentation, Employee letter of agreement (job offer and acceptance), Leave request forms and any applicable medical certificates, Compensation history,      Performance review forms,Professional development and training completed, Employee counseling records, if applicable,   Confidential correspondence with employee, Termination information and/or letter or resignation, andLetters of recommendation
  • The information contained in employee files is strictly confidential. Only the employee and the executive director will have full access to an employee’s file. Access to specific information may be obtained by senior management or by the employee’s supervisor through the executive director.
  • Employees should communicate any changes in personal information such as benefit status, name, address, or phone number to the executive director

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Maintenance of Employee Records Policy

Maintenance of Employee Records Policy[