Fathers Day Certificates

Fathers Day Certificates free to download and print at your convenience.

These printable certificate templates are specifically for your employees who are fathers or father-like figures honor them on Fathers Day.

You can pass out these certificates for Fathers Day at your Fathers Day Office Party or whenever is most convenient for you and your company.


The “World’s Best Dad” Certificate above and the “World’s Best Father” Certificate below are available to download and print on the right paper. Ideally, you want to choose thick, high quality paper or card stock that you can purchase from your local office supply store or craft store. If you want something classy and elegant, I would recommend a nice neutral shade of color for the certificate such as a light cream or off white color.

Fathers Day History

On July 19, 1910, the governor of the United States state of Washington proclaimed the nation’s first “Fathers Day”. However, “Fathers Day” was not official until 1972, 58 years after President Woodrow Wilson made “Mothers Day” official, when it became a nationwide holiday in the United States of America.

The campaign to celebrate the nation’s fathers did not have the same enthusiasm as Mothers Day because as one florist stated “fathers have not the same sentimental appeal that mothers have”.

The nation’s first event to honor fathers was on July 5, 1908 in a West Virginia church during a Sunday sermon. This sermon was in the memory of the 362 men who died in the previous December’s explosions at the Fairmont Coal Company mines in Monongah, but it was a one time commemoration and not an annal holiday.

Click on the link(s) to download the free certificate template(s) below:

Certificate for Fathers Day #1

Certificate for Fathers DayCertificate for Fathers Day #2

Certificate for Fathers Day #2