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The Acceptance of Order With Deliver in Lots form is used by the supplier to confirm an order for the sale of goods with delivery in lots. The form or letter requires a signature and includes:

  • “We acknowledge acceptance of your order as per your order of the day of [Date of Letter].” “The goods ordered will be shipped to you in the following lots upon the following schedule: [Following Lots and Schedules]”. “We request that payment be made as each lot is received.”

The Acknowledgement and Acceptance of Order form is used by the supplier to confirms the receipt of an order with certain exceptions. This form or letter which requires a signature includes:

  • “We are in receipt of your order as contained in the attached purchase order form.” “We confirm our acceptance of the said order subject only to the following exceptions: [Exceptions Listed].” “On the exceptions noted, we shall assume you agree to same unless written objection is received within ten days of the date of this notice.”

The Acknowledged Receipt of Goods form is used by the supplier to confirm receipt and delivery of goods and inspection of defects. Here is what the form includes with a place to sign and notarize form:

  • “The undersigned hereby acknowledges receipt and delivery of the goods described on the attached list or invoice and further acknowledges that said goods have been inspected and are without defect.”

The Acknowledgement of Modified Terms form is used by the supplier in the case the agreement of the contract or order was modified to confirm and assume changes and modifications agreeable. This form or letter will require a signature and includes:

  • “We refer to the contract or order made between us dated the [Date of Letter].” “This letter will acknowledge that our agreement is modified and superseded by the following changes in terms: [Describe Changes].” “Unless we immediately hear from you to the contrary, we shall confirm that we will assume that the said changes and modifications are mutually agreeable.”

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