Halloween Games for Office

Halloween Games are free to download and print for your office party.

he office games below are great Halloween ideas for your next Halloween Office Party.

You can download and print the Halloween Office Games at your convenience 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Having a party at work during the Halloween holiday is a lot of fun. Whether you work at a factory or an office, there are lots of great Halloween party games you can play for fun or prizes. Here are a couple of the Halloween Games (below) for an office party:

  • Halloween Balloon Game Blow up orange balloons and stick them to a wall with tape or pins. Shape the balloons into a large pumpkin. You could also spell out “Halloween” with the black balloons. Place prizes inside the balloons such as candy, cute notes but not any kind of sharp objects. You can use a funnel to insert prizes into the balloons. With black balloons, no one can see the prizes. With orange balloons, this will allow players to view the contents, if not clearly. After the balloons are arranged on a wall, just call the name of a player and let that person pop a specified number of balloons. Let every player win something or call fewer names than there are balloons for more suspense and laughable disappointment.
  • Halloween Shapes Guess Game Cut out lots and lots of pumpkin shapes, bats, or other Halloween-theme images, and use them as a game of guessing. Be sure to count how many you’ve cut out. Staple or tape the chosen shapes on a wall or board and make sure to put many of them up – in all different sizes and/or colors. All one color will make it more difficult. Players must guess how many there are. The person who guesses the closest wins, and in the case of a tie, they split the prize, or you can have a secondary prize.

It’s fun to take a little time away from working and celebrate a holiday such as Halloween. If you can make these games to where they can win prizes it makes the games even more exciting for the employees of your office. Get all the employees together on this holiday and have a great and enjoyable time.

Having a Halloween office party doesn’t cost much money to set up, especially with the games below so increase your office morale and offer your employees a couple of ways to express their Halloween spirit. Games and activities are a great choice because they are easy to set up and only takes a little time out of the day.

Giving employees a chance to kick back and socialize with their fellow coworkers strengthens relationships and helps renew excitement about their jobs. Why not let your employees enjoy some time off from the day-in and day-out work activities to enjoy a party and have some fun.

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Halloween Office Party Games

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