July 4th Games

July 4th Games are free to download and print for your office party.

Just because it is the 4th of July at the office that does not mean that you can’t have an office party and have some fun games. Out of all the 4th of July party ideas the party games are a very important part of this holiday.

Most 4th of July games are outdoor games because it is a beautiful time of the year to be outside enjoying this patriotic wonderful holiday.

July 4th Games

The 4th of July is the time of the year where most people are outside grilling food on the barbeque, fishing, swimming and for the most part just having fun with family and friends.

Well, the office can be a fun place too if you’re having to work this 4th of July by having a 4th of July Office Party with lots of fun games.

We have several games in the download below such as:

Patriotic Balloon Toss Game

Finding games to pay outside is a very popular pass time on the 4th of July. Playing a water balloon game where you just might get wet is an even better way to cool off from the heat outside.


  • Red, White and Blue Water Balloons (make sure you have plenty for the size of your group)


  1. Begin by filling up red, white and blue water balloons.
  2. Create two parallel lines of equal numbers of party guests an equal distance apart.
  3. Start relatively close together and have one line of people throw their balloon to their partner across from them in the other line. If the balloon is caught successfully, have both team members take one step backward and throw the balloon again.
  4. Continue to back up until all but one team has dropped (or popped) their water balloon.

Patriotic Tokens Tag Game

This game is a fun to play outside for children of all ages or adults.


  • Red, White and Blue Tokens (If you can’t find these tokens just make something with these colors)


  1. Each child or adult is given one token that is ether red, white or blue.
  2. Each game participant will then run around trying to tag each other.
  3. If you are tagged then you must give the person who tagged you your token.
  4. The first person who tags enough people to get one read, one white and one blue taken wins the game.

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4th of July Games

4th of July Games[