July 4th Activities

The July 4th Activities includes two July 4th flyers and invitations for your next 4th of July Office Party along with July 4th Games!

Does your July 4th activities include a 4th of July Office Party?

Being at work doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. You can celebrate America’s Independence with your coworkers and then enjoy the fireworks later.

To ensure your 4th of July Office Party will be as enjoyable as their celebration with family and friends at home include:

  • July 4th Invitations – Download, customize and print 4th of July Office Party Invitations to pass out to your employees or email them one. Click the link above to access the invitations.
  • July 4th Decorations – Hang red, white and blue streamers from the ceilings, and pass out patriotic beaded necklaces. You can purchase an inflatable cooler with 4th of July decor and fill it with ice and soft drinks. Hang a big “Happy 4th of July” banner in party area and maybe some July 4th confetti on the floor. Buy a couple of red, white and blue bowls and fill them with candy.
  • Great Food – Grill hamburgers or even steaks depending on your budget and serve along with all the great sides (baked beans, potato salad, etc.). Have some good old American hot apple pie topped with homemade ice cream for dessert.
  • July 4th Games – Have some games set up so when they are finished eating they can have some time to play a few games such as horse shoes, volley ball, three-legged races, etc. If you want games inside you can have your coworkers sit in a circle and get a small ball. Tell them they have to think fast of red, white and blue items in the office. To start name an item that is red and then throw the ball to another person who must think of something blue. If 3 seconds goes past before an answer or if the answer is wrong, the player is out and has to leave the circle. The game continues until everyone is eliminated but 1 player who wins the game.

Other July 4th Activities:

  • If your office happens to have an open, flat roof, hold a 4th of July party for the whole building. It can be an excellent networking opportunity and the fresh air will definitely be inviting.
  • Hold an Open House to give potential clients a chance to get to know your staff. Serve finger foods, give out patriotic party favors and offer great valuable discounts to them for attending your open house.

Click on the link(s) to download 4th of July office activities:

July 4th Office Party Flyer

July 4th Office Party Flyer #1July 4th Office Party Flyer #2

July 4th Flag Office Party Flyer #1July 4th Invitations

4th of July Invitations #2July 4th Games

4th of July Games