Labor Day Quiz

The Labor Day Quiz is available for free to download and print as a fun way to help your office staff learn the Labor Day history.

Do you know the history of Labor Day? Your employees might enjoy having some fun with a quiz before Labor Day just to see how much they know or do not know about Labor Day. A lot of American workers just know what the history and there are some that just know it is a day off for them every year and they happy with knowing that fact.

The Quiz for Labor Day below has questions such as:

Labor Day is observed in the United States on:

  • a. The first Friday of August
  • b. The fourth Sunday of May
  • c. The first Monday of September
  • d. The first Sunday of August

Labor Day is said to have been conceived by:

  • a. Gaylord Nelson
  • b. John McConnell
  • c. Peter J. McGuire
  • d. George Bush

Labor Day was first celebrated in New York City on:

  • a. April 22, 1970
  • b. March 21, 1969
  • c. June 28, 1894
  • d. September 5, 1882

Labor Day was declared a United States national holiday on:

  • a. June 28, 1894
  • b. September 5, 1882
  • c. May 8, 1873
  • d. July 21, 1972

The Labor Day bill was passed under the United States President:

  • a. Bill Clinton
  • b. Grover Cleveland
  • c. Ronald Reagan
  • d. George Washington

First important national labor organization in the United States:

  • a. Knights of Labor
  • b. Grand National Consolidated Trade Union
  • c. National Labor Union
  • d. The American Federation of Labor

This free printable quiz will be a way to fun way to educate your employees on the history of Labor Day.

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Labor Day Quiz

Labor Day Quiz[