Christmas Office Party Games

Christmas Office Party Games are available free below to download and print for your next Christmas party at your organization.

Make your next Christmas Office Party a hit with these enjoyable Christmas Party Ideas below for your office!

Office games are like regular games except they are toned down for the work place. What I’m saying is this is great idea to get your coworkers and team together having fun with the games and then breaking the ice at the same time. You will be surprised what these Christmas game ideas does for your employee’s morale also!

Here are a sneak preview of the some of the office games in the download below:

Fill the Christmas Stocking Race

Have your office or party members divided into teams and have them race to fill their team’s hanging stocking with a spoonful of wrapped candy.

Christmas Belly Balloon Break

This game for office parties is played against the clock and you need to get some Christmas colored balloons (red, green..). The balloons can only be popped by squeezed together between the players’ chests, and no touching is allowed. Pair up everyone in the party and the pair that pops the most balloons wins the game.

Name that Christmas Song

Plan in advance, by deciding which type of Christmas music to use. Supply the CD player for the party to play the songs. Play the first five seconds of the song and anyone who knows it shouts out the name. The first right answer is the winner. You can do this individually or in groups.

Guess Which Christmas Movie

Cut up a list of several well-known Christmas movie titles. Shuffle the pieces in a bowl then pair everyone into teams. The team picks someone from their team to pull a paper out from the bowl and then they act out a scene of the movie written on it. They have to do the scene silently with no words or sounds allowed. Everyone on their team has to guess the movie. After all the paper has been pulled out of the bowl, the team with the most correct guesses wins the game.

Christmas games are so much fun and these printable office games can be played on any of holiday celebrations by just changing them up just a little to fit your theme at the time!

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Christmas Office Party Games

Christmas Office Party Games[