Small Business Sample Personnel Forms

Download free sample Personnel Forms for your small business such as the Employee Weekly Time Record, Overtime Report and more.

It is very important for a business that has employees to keep and maintain personnel files for each employee. A personnel file should include documents such as employment history, disciplinary notices, promotions, contribution and achievement records, performance development plans, and many more.


The free personnel templates below are great tools to help track your employee’s time, payroll, record changes, and much more.

The Employee Weekly Time Record below will track the employee’s time weekly with a total weekly hours, total weekly gross pay, total weekly deductions, and total weekly net pay.

The Employee Overtime Permit below is a form to approve employee’s overtime prior to receiving it.

The Weekly Payroll Recap below is a form tracks employee’s weekly regular hours with rate, overtime hours with rate, total regular wages, total overtime wages, total gross wages, deductions, net pay and payroll check number.

The Work Overtime Report below is used to report time worked beyond the employee’s regular worked schedule.

The Employee Record Changes form below is used when your employee has any kind of change such as:

  • Pay Rate Change
  • Job Title Change
  • Job Classification Change
  • Shift Change
  • Full-Time or Part-Time Change
  • Temporary or Permanent Change
  • Other Change

This form has a place for the person submitting the form to sign and the “Approved By” signature.

Click on the link(s) to download the sample personnel forms below:

Employee Evaluation

HH OT Evaluation-Physician CertificationEmployee Handbook

Employee Handbook TemplateWeekly Payroll Recap

Weekly Payroll RecapWork Overtime Report

Sample Work Overtime ReportEmployee Record Changes

Employee Record ChangesEmployee Weekly Time Record

Employee Weekly Time RecordEmployee Overtime Permit

Sample Employee Overtime Permit[