Printable Sales Receipts

Printable Sales Receipts

This Printable Sales Receipt is available for free below to download and print for your customers in your small business.

You will find it necessary to have one of these printable receipts if you are returning or exchanging an item you purchased from a store/entity.

You will also find it necessary to have important receipts from purchases you made that are tax deductible. The old saying stands true “if you don’t have the receipt then it’s not a tax deduction”. You would definitely find this out the hard way if you ever have an IRS audit.

What is a receipt for sales?

This a document you usually receive after a sale which typically shows:

  • Receipt number
  • The date and time a purchase or transaction was made
  • Items purchased – Description of the goods or services
  • Amount of purchase price including applicable taxes and subtotals
  • Name and location (i.e., address, phone, email, website…)of store/entity in which purchases were made
  • Method of payment used such as cash, credit card, check, or other payment options
  • Some have customer information including Customer ID#, Customer Account#
  • Other relevant business information for your small business and your customers

What is the difference between an invoice and a sales business receipt?

The difference is invoices show up as income and accounts receivable until payment is received at a later date for your small business. Invoicing and receiving are two separate steps. A receipt for sales shows up as a one step process of recording the income and receipt of a payment for your small business. In other words, invoices record sales on an accrual basis, and receipts for sales record on a cash basis.

All goods and services purchased in the same transaction for your small business must be included on a single sales template or receipt for the customer. The person(s) who purchased your goods or services should automatically know that they have all the information on their receipt that they need to use for their personal, tax or business purposes.

Click on the link to download the printable sales template below:

 Sales Receipt

Sales Receipt[