Printable Sample Expense Report

Get your printable sample expense report free for your Human Resources Department to have available for travel expenses…that is a small business expense.

The business expense report can be used when an employee has out-of-pocket expenses for work purposes. Include this HR expense report with your other small business HR forms.

Example: An employee from your company goes on a business trip (for job related purposes) and he/she pays for their own airline ticket, hotel, rental car, meals, etc. during this trip. They would then need to fill out this form (expense report) listing all these out-of-pocket costs and turn it into their employer for reimbursement.

One word of advice is to let your employees know before hand what will be reimbursed through the company and what will not be reimbursed. In some cases, employees might feel they can go watch a movie and get reimbursed by the company. Elgible expenses should be stated in your company policies and procedures.

Tips to Prevent Expense Reporting Fraud

1. Clearly Define your Company’s Travel and Expense Policies and Procedures – It should be a priority in your small business to communicate your policy and educate travelers about the behaviors that are required for responsible travel and expense reporting. Require a clear enforcement of your Travel and Expense policy.

2. Send a Clear Message Starting at the Top – If your senior executives have carelessly spent lavish amounts of travel and expense or if they feel free to ignore the travel and expense policies then that attitude is likely to spread to the other employees throughout your company.

3. Require Expense Receipts – There should be no exceptions for your employees not having a receipt from their travel and expenses. Whatever form of fraudulent expense reporting may take place, travel and expense managers should understand the impact that the fraud has on their company.

Click on the link below to download the free sample expense report:

Expense Report

Sample Expense Report[