Printable Rent Receipts

Find Printable Rent Receipts that are free to download and print 24/7. If you have tenants and need a receipt to give them for their rent payment see below.

Are you a landlord or a tenant looking for printable receipts for your renters? If yes, we have free receipt templates you can download and print below to use for your renters who need a receipt when they pay for their rent.

It is definitely good small business practice to always give receipts to any person(s) paying you money no matter what the product or service is to your company.

These professional payment receipt templates for rent are available for free for your small business to print out three per page and are horizontally formatted just like the traditional receipt pads. They include the vital information such as:

  • Receipt Date – Date in which the renter or person making payment pays the rent.
  • Receipt Number – Remember to have a new receipt number for every receipt you distribute.
  • Paid By (address…) – The person paying the rent’s name and address.
  • Paid To (address…) – The person or organization’s name and address accepting the payment.
  • Description – The description of the what is being paid (i.e., rent for Apartment #23, etc.).
  • Amount (Subtotal, Discount…) – The total amount of the payment for the rent minus any discounts, etc.
  • Payment Method – The payment method would need to included such as cash, check, credit card, etc.
  • Signature – The person accepting the payment and filling out the receipt for the rent, etc. signature is required on any type of receipt.
  • Notes – The notes should be included in the receipt for a place to include important reminders, balances, etc.

You can customize this receipt template for rent to meet the requirements of your small business to match your corporate style in general. Not every small business is the same and just might require some changes or additions to the so-called normal receipts for renters, etc.

Click on the link to download the free printable receipts below:

Rent Receipt

Rent Receipt