School Janitor Certificate

School Janitor Certificate

Do you work in a school? If so, you might want this pleasant certificate for your school janitor to show your appreciation.

The Certificate for a School Janitor can be used to show your school janitor how much you appreciate his hard work for keeping your school clean and safe.

A school janitor is responsible for the security, safety, repair and maintenance of a school building(s) and grounds.

Most primary schools have only one janitor. They work hard and they surely deserve to have the academic certificate below to show them how much they are appreciated.

One great idea to help honor your school janitors is to have one week throughout the school year to honor them. You could call this whatever you please such as the “Lunch Lady and Custodian Appreciation Week”.

Students and school staff could help celebrate this appreciation week by presenting the school’s cafeteria and janitorial staff with appreciation gifts, certificates, and pitching in to help make their job easier in this week.

I certainly believe that these hard working school staff members does not get enough appreciation for the jobs they do, and what a better way to show them than giving them gifts and/or printable certificates or by mopping the cafeteria after the school lunch rush and then making sure they sit and relax during that period of time.

After downloading and printing this certificate for school janitors on nice paper, insert it into a nice 8×10 picture frame or simply just insert it into a sheet protector to keep your certificate in good condition until you present it to the custodian school staff.

Click on the link to download the free school janitor certificate below:


School Janitor Certificate (PDF) School Janitor Certificate (DOC)